“The mirror crack’d from side to side”

Truly my favorite Tennyson line

Because the curse always comes upon me

Destroying acceptance incrementally


How did such a rebellious soul

Exercising admirable self-control

Change into a steamed up mirror

An alteration that couldn’t be clearer


Glass has taken over relationships

The protective web has been snip’t

Accepted, but useless trying to flatter

Because the mirror will always shatter


Autism is the cause of panic

People’s needs I see as oceanic

Perhaps a survival mechanism

For emotions faceted like a prism


Often I will hesitate

To see what one likes or hates

Desperately waiting for a clue

And then I’ll know what to do


Sometimes you say one thing

That has a false-sounding ring

You give me a look if I disagree

So much easier your side to see


The mirror was a joy in my youth

Because I did not know the truth

But once accepting the new label

My life became a poetic fable…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Hunt’s Lady of Shalott




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