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Obsessed all day

Must rid myself of the thoughts

About a social media incident

Wikipedia (and I must add

That although I earn $200

Over the poverty line

I yearly donate to them

Because knowledge is power)

So, okay, Wikipedia posted

A picture of a five-year-old girl

With an infant

Stating she was the youngest

To ever give birth

In 1933 Peru

And she was still living

So me, without coffee

–It hadn’t quite perked—

Flipped out

A no-no during Mercury Retrograde

But I commented angrily

That she was obviously raped

And demanded that Wikipedia

Pull the picture

Because the poor child

Now older than me

Could probably see

This entry

Wikipedia refused, not quite citing

The Free Speech Amendment

But the comments from others began

Some were sympathetic and joined in

Asking for deletion of the entry

But OMG, the comments of hate

Calling me names

Posting pregnancy pictures of this baby

And saying I deserved to suffer and look at her


From whom?  How do I label them?

Perverts? Crazies?

This raged on for too long and I deleted my comment

But of course I obsessed

But of course I feel devastated

But of course I wished myself

To be black and white and tiny

As I desperately clawed at the edges

Of a History book cover

Beads and flowers

Framing my face

Skipping through the pages

Searching for photographs

To slip into

Where peace signs and

Words like “Love”

Adorn the pages

Where I rightfully belong

Way back in time

Pressed between the leaves

In order not to wonder

Where  love of humanity has gone

Or did it ever exist

WTF were we thinking…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


YouTube video The Youngbloods, Get Together  https://youtu.be/9R8ynRhwvtY

IMAGE: CS & Tarot camping



  1. I searched for the article and read it before commenting. The photo is no longer there. While the medical issues of the case are striking, the outstanding human rights issue seems to have been downplayed. It doesn’t merit anyone to have the distinction of being a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Obviously, even if the child’s reproductive system was “mature”, there is nothing mature about a five year old being impregnated. I am so sorry that the person who did this was not brought to justice. The people who went on the attack are very sad individuals indeed. No-one has the right to look at a child who has been abused. Do we need evidence that it happened, or do we need to create a society in which this can never take place?

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    1. Thank you for understanding, SB. I suppose violence against women (and little girls) parallels ugly comments aimed at women, too. So glad the photo is no longer there.

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      1. I would have started an email and phone campaign about it, had the photo been there. That’s just wrong. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Clarissa. As for hateful and ugly comments directed at women, I have had my fair share this week, even though I have traditionally maintained a zero tolerance policy regarding anything with a negative reading. I will definitely keep that up. This type of aggression is meaningless. Addressing or engaging with it gives it meaning.

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  2. Yes, I think one of the unstated issues in my poem is how there was a time I would have fearlessly fought those comments, even an email and phone campaign if need be. Now, I took the easy way out, deleting my comment and wanting to go suck on a cigarette locked away in a history book when things were “better” (they really were not). Anyway, I cannot understand how anyone can direct ugly comments to you, but I agree about the zero tolerance! Be well and maybe burrow into the earth for a few hours, smelling the delightful aroma of wood 🙂

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  3. It doesn’t surprise me that some dickheads attacked you for speaking up for what is right. That sort of crap happens all too often anymore. When the Ferguson, Missouri incident took place, I made the mistake of speaking my mind on Twitter and was ripped apart. Like you, I took down my comment. Sometimes, there is no reasoning with people.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. I’m so amazed by the hatred and anger that is out there. I don’t like that we are silenced yet it seems better to remove ourselves than to fight a useless fight. I appreciate your support, as always! xo

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      1. Sometimes, it is a useless fight. So many people refuse to hear an opinion that differs from their own, and will shout down anyone who tries. Our freedom of speech has been abducted by close-mindedness and political correctness.

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  4. And you have put a spotlight on all that is wrong with humanity in our society today. I applaud you for taking a stand and doing soemthing. People are scared to have their beliefs questioned.

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    1. Thanks so much DaisyWillows! The positive side of these negative social media incidents is hearing from supportive people and knowing we’re not alone in our humane beliefs.


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