(Third rewrite of my poem as a song, both words and chords. Any advice re chords– ukulele, GCEA–appreciated, including the suggestion to stick to poetry and forget song writing!  I can be reached at or   That link doesn’t seem to work so the FB tag is @RomaniGypsyBooks)


C/ What could be lonelier

G/ Than driving in the rain

F/ Fog a darkening mist

C/ I’m all alone again


C/ Endlessly driving

G/ Struggling to see

F/ Windshield fogged over

C/ I’m all alone, just me


C/ Neither celestial bodies

G/ Nor man-made lights

F/ Can find my home

C/ I’m all alone in fright


C/ Endless road makes me wish

G/ To be safely bored at home

F/ Dark trees looming over me

C/ I’m all alone and roam


C/ My truck moves creakily

G/ Through the sodden haze

F/ Dark, wet and scared

C/ I’m all alone always


C/ The mind’s Jurassic thoughts

G/ That a blinding auto appears

F/ Cutting my visibility

C/ I’m all alone in fear


C/ On and on and on

G/ This road has grown

F/ The freedom road I once loved

C/ I’m all alone unknown


C/ Away and insecure

G/ Where is my home

F/ Help me find it soon

C/ I’m all alone in the gloam


F/ If home is where the heart lies

C/ But I no longer have a home

G/ Maybe I no longer have a  C/ heart

C/ I’m all alone, alone  Am/ alone


© 2016 Lyrics and Chords, Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)