A mere five years

For the NASA space probe

To reach the giant’s orbit

Aptly named Jupiter

Largest solar system planet

King of the mythological gods

A wife-cheater

Wrapping himself in clouds

To hide his activities

But Juno, a goddess with

Her own special powers

Was able to see through the billowing mass

Revealing his true nature

It’s what I love about the myths

They are an amazing sociological record

Of human conduct

That has not changed

Since humans first learned the art of recording

Behavior, thoughts, emotions

By word or by painting

By song or by scraping clay tablets

Eventually figuring out the all-important

Method of ancient papers and ink

So what does this have to do with space expeditions?

We’re peering through the clouds

Jupiter’s behavior no longer a mystery

It’s an achingly long way to find other worlds

When ours is depleted

Beginning with the telescope in 1608

Mapping out the route

Way-stations to planets like ours

We won’t be part of the exodus

But future generations will be

Stopping off at Jupiter for refueling

Heading toward other solar systems

Full of hope while continuing

The long tradition of exploration

I like it…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: NASA Juno and Jupiter