The wind sings different songs to us

In our special pageants of power

I feel threatened by yours

You feel contempt for mine

Or is it merely a projection

Of the sheltering tree’s longing

To fly far away?

The soaring bird’s longing

For permanent roots?

The bird needs to rest in the

Arms of the tree

The tree needs to feel the

Caress of bird’s feathers

Can a tree be content

With only her leafy hair flying?

Can a bird be satisfied

Temporarily sojourning

In the roots of a tree?


© 1992 & 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My Live Oak at sundown


  1. Longing to find a place to call home and a home that desperately needs you?

    Also, I’m not sure but, if the spacing isn’t deliberate, I’m pretty sure you can get around that by copying and pasting from notepad or word or email even. I may just be more neurotic about poetry, which is an irony that speaks for itself.

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    1. Yes, always lots of longing, no matter the age! I have a lot of trouble with spacing on wordpress. I use Microsoft Office yet it still double spaces when I copy here. Will try notepad. It may also be my choice of themes (this one is suit, I think) and will someday change it. Thanks…


    1. You’re right, Cathy. A good example, in a lighter vein, is my longing for straight hair even when a woman with straight hair says she wishes she had mine 😦

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