Wrote this in 1992–after a 3-year spiritual quest–about part of the “secret” name my Gran gave me (her secret name must have been The Jokester):  ViataMaja (Life’s Illusion)


Quatrain:  Rhyme Scheme ABBA “envelope” iambic trimeter


I’ve stripped away the veil


I fear what it may mean

But I’m on the right trail


It betokens lost hope

For future happiness

The thought does not depress

Most days I seem to cope


If all is illusion

And I finally see

Why do I want to flee

Back to the confusion


Nirvana is promised

When Maja is revealed

Truth is now unconcealed

I’ve become a realist


Perhaps that’s the reward

Seeing life cold and stark

Yet hearing in the dark

A sad but lovely chord


© 1992 & 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My Number 10 Drom Ek Romani card: Strip Away the Maja


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