Does Mother Earth

Ever tire from her

Single parent role

Doing it all

Constantly impregnated

Fighting the seeping poisons

Raining down from Father Sky

Flooding up from her secret lover

Riptide-tossed Ocean


Exhausting days

As she craves

A protective cradling

Being held and hearing a deep voice

Whispering, All will be right

Rest with me

Healing words encouraging

Mother Earth’s protective aura

To radiate once again

Strengthening the soil’s largesse

Bringing sweetness to the smell of Wind

Cleansing the Waters and all dwelling in his domain

Receiving, once again, sky Fire’s passionate touch

But when?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: ·  qimmahrussoI’ll Be Your World You Be My Universe. (Pinterest)


    1. What a beautiful and thoughtful story! Violence “juxtaposed by passionate explosions of love and protection” (so true). Most of all, love that your character says, “Always life, whatever it entails.” You have an incredible understanding of humanity and all it entails. Thank you for posting this!

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