Black holes on Earth

Sucking the light

Into permanent night

Portals to realms of horror

Evil’s way of gathering

Stray souls

Homeless, yet living in a house

Loveless, but part of a family

Poor, although paper and coin

Line the pockets of emptiness

Eons of fear

Beginning with the first sign of life

Biological imperative

Eat, reproduce, kill

Never let anyone take yours

Single-cells, fish, amphibians,

Reptiles, mammals

Interspersed with ferns,

Plants, trees and fungi

All obeying the call to survival

Can you believe that biological life

Actually evolved?

Physically, yes, but

The brain, the emotions, seem the same

How many of these black holes

Exist on Earth

I do believe

(And I’m not trying to deceive)

That negative power spots

Aligned along their own antithetical Ley Lines

Continue to increase

As we sleep

As we write songs of peace

As we begin to weep…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Black Hole, NASA



  1. I think about this often, especially I get reminded when I listen to music. There is a song by Dream Theater, that goes :”How can I feel abandoned even when the world surrounds, how can I bite the hand that feeds the strangers all around me, how can I know so many never really knowing anyone, if I seem superhuman, I have been misunderstood.” and your poem with contrasting imagery reminded me of it.

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  2. Ah, thank you. I went onto Youtube and played a few of their songs. Wonderful! Haven’t kept up with “electric” music lately (immersed myself in folk and ukulele) so this was energizing, with wonderful lyrics…


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