MAX’S BIRTHDAY CAST OF CHARACTERS (8-11-2006) (Happy Birthday to the Big Guy)


RockStar–the Pit Chi–a pirate

Secret stash of stolen pens and rawhides

Leaving no map to confiscate property

But I find them

Can almost hear him growl:  Arrrr, human scalawags!

Digging up my pens

Tasting better than Jolly Roger’s bleached bones

He glares at me with those green eyes

But I avoid walking the plank

When he finds a sardine

In his kibble bowl

Better than coin of the realm


Bandit a Toy Fox Terrier growler

I try not to baby him

As all five pounds strut around

Strong and muscular and adrenalized

Although clueless about building a stash

He’s able to defend the one in his jaws

Loves to play-fight

Must have been a

Soldier of Fortune

Unmerciful Mercenary

In a previous life


Kali, Rat Terrier-cum-Dragon Lady

Piling bones, balls and rawhides

In a comfy dog bed

Then flinging herself

On top of the treasure

Seemingly sleeping away the day

But like a cartoon basilisk

One eye remains open

In case she needs to breathe out defense fire


Max, Rottie mix, larger than life

Plays a cameo role in his

Birthday poem

Well, might makes right, right?

Who’s going to argue with a

One hundred and ten pounder

Even when he’s ten years old today

Not me…

Muddy Max

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)





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