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Okay, I confess

I’m a lying, cheating bi**h

In my poems Unconsummated Guitar

And Take Me Back, Please?


I’d leave ukulele never more

But dang!

I love Janis Joplin

Will never have a voice like hers

But I’m haunted by her playing the


I wanna do it too!

I wanna look in my mirror and sing

Me and Bobby McGee

I do it with ukulele

But you know

Even though I’m old

(And maybe that’s the problem)

I can still have some dreams


So guess what I did?

Don’t guess

Went on Ebay


Well, no, so EXPENSIVE!

Went to Amazon

Same thing

Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider this move?

Nah!  Life is short

So it’s off to

Hoping that any day now

I’ll be looking in the mirror

And seeing not an ol’ silver-haired woman

But a rip-roaring Blues singer

Great writing, BTW, Kris Kristofferson

I could just hear me!

“Busted flat in Baton Rouge…”


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


YouTube video:


Click here for Part 1 Unconsummated Guitar

Click here for Part 2 Take Me Back, Please?




    1. Gordon Lightfoot is a wonderful, underrated musician. Love his In the Early Morning Rain. Dreams…seems I only have day ones since I’m plagued by hypnagogia and other sleep disorders, so have to follow them (although they mislead me at times!)


      1. Daydreams are very good; usually they require less interpretation than night-time ones. Last night I found myself in a kind of 17th C world, and I was mounting a large black horse that was eager to be going. Obviously either on a despatch, or rejoining a regiment – there certainly was war in the air. So, some conflict – message or struggle to be dealt with. The secrecy and night darkness, including my black uniform, black cape, the silent attendants, the dark outline of the inn in the background – leaves no doubt this is also part of a past life remembrance. We not only come from dreams, but the more we awaken to our human destiny, the more we live in dreams.

        My two favourite Lightfoot songs (links to youtube)

        The First Time Ever I saw your Face – Gordon Lightfoot

        The Last Time I saw your Face – Gordon Lightfoot

        This live version is not as good as the studio one I listen to but I couldn’t find the one I have.

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