Ugly mole

Where jaw meets ear

Witch’s mark

Someone meanly jeered

Healer’s mark

Gran asserted

Takes pain to understand

And show compassion


Stars on the palm

So many

Different sizes

Both hands

Under two fingers


Star should be fine

An important line

Says Gran,

But it is a trade-off

May be creative


But never know true love


Sarah Good

Hanged in 1692

Talking to herself out loud

Early autism?

Discussing business with the Devil?

Witch trials of intolerance

I still talk to myself

Many of us do

But have the grace to laugh

If a stranger stares

Yet no one seems to mind

The muttering of cell phone chats

In toilets and stores

No way to know if

The Devil is on the other side of that convo…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: salemmuseum.org



    1. Thanks so much, Dionne! I always make up my own structures (not always successful but there it is 🙂 ). The painting is from the Salem Museum (salemmuseum.org) but did not see the artist’s name posted.


  1. The stupidity of ignorance; the crime of religious bigotry. To recall that these people in the picture were of those who left England to avoid religious persecution. An interesting comparison to those people talking on their cell phones, but of course we “know” that they are talking to another “real” person, so that makes it alright. I’d like to see a whole bunch of cell phone talkers suddenly transported back to the times of the 17th Century to see what would happen when the accusers heard a voice responding on the device.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Religious bigotry has never changed, so sad to say. Must admit, I adore my smart phone, the perfect introvert’s friend when out in the world. But I still think someone is talking to me when I hear someone in a bathroom stall, talking, or walking and laughing/smiling. 🙂


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