(may chord this as a silly song although it’s true. I was a lefty for five years, then mother and teacher changed me to right so I get everything backwards—including directions–consistently)


I’m not your roadie

I won’t change your strings

I’ll kiss and make love

Physical passion I’ll bring


But the ukulele’s yours

To have and to hold

No one is truer

So treat it like gold


Get your fingers working

Don’t fear the part

Stretch that nylon tight

Then strum from the heart


I’m not your roadie

I’m here to be your love

Learn to keep us separate

Your instrument above


Nothing can be truer

Than the melody you play

The ukulele is faithful

Will never run away


So don’t have anxiety

When trying to adjust

You really can’t hurt it

In yourself, well, just trust


Oh, yes, you did it

Strings new and tight

Silver moon smiles in the window

As you play throughout the night…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)





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