What makes a war?

I get it when you say

Young men

And now young women

Should refuse to carry a gun

But that is victim-blaming

War is a social class problem

Poor youth, no job, no education

Join the service and the government

Pays for college, food, shelter

You get the magic beans for the price of your life

Mystery fans know

That murders are solved

By figuring out

Who benefits

Look at the many suspects:

Military-Industrial Complex

Super wealthy want war

Winning territory or oil

Politicians clamoring

For more

Reelection under the guise of patriotism

Most misunderstood word in the

English language

Bankers line their dragon-caves with gold

War enables merchants to become wealthier

Junk yard dealers selling rusted metal for weapons

Factories producing uniforms from fabrics

So-called food needed in cans and plastic packages

Benefits the huge farming conglomerates

Journalists who no longer report the truth

Ignoring the Double-Yous of

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Just talking, pretty faces of ignorance

Snapping soon-to-be photoshopped

Award-winning pictures of children

Blown to bits

But never lifting their voices to just say STOP

And the grieving goes on for

Spouses, partners, children

For aging grandparents and parents

Losing their babies to

Death, dismemberment or

Post-trauma hauntings of the mind

War is a class-thing

And as always

The lower class pays the highest

Retail price

Who is the enemy?

Most are like us

Wanting to shop on Ebay or Amazon

Wanting to rock out to current music

Wanting to love and laugh in nature


Don’t hate the Arabs

Don’t hate the Israelis

Don’t hate the Irish

Don’t hate the British

Don’t hate the Africans

Don’t hate the Hispanics

The victims are people like me

And you

Any more I tremble from

Lightning strikes in my back yard

House-shaking from thunder

But no way can I ever comprehend

A baby’s fear

As bombs explode

Interrupting their dreamy sleep

Waking, screaming

Because the boogie man isn’t

Hiding under the bed

Or in the closet

The boogie man is flying through the sky

Infiltrating to make them die

Physically, spiritually

So the survivors grow up

Losing their humanity

Whatever the current definition is

For that old-fashioned word

I look at my box of Sixties souvenirs

Peace necklaces that still retain

My sweat and tears

From my bleeding seventeen-year-old heart

ERA badge from the Eighties

Equal Rights Amendment

I campaigned for it

But women told me

They didn’t want to share a bathroom with men

Sound familiar, trans-gender people?

Homo sapiens

So unwise

TV has muddled the mind

That really needs to be nourished

Like a feed-the-masses sprout

Reaching toward the sun and rain

Instead of being blindingly

Dazzled by the beautiful and rich

Brainwashing the audience

Dictating what people should think

All geared to elevate those

Ruled by greed and gluttony

Go inward and contemplate what is really important in each precious life…

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My peace jewelry worn when idealism existed


  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head. My oldest grandson left for Marine bootcamp in Sept – for some of the reasons you talk about; to get an education and because there was nothing for him in the small town he lived. But the recruiters got ahold of him and idealized the service and he left with the idea of kicking ISIS ass by becoming a sniper. He is 19 years old. He has no real clue what he is choosing to walk into. He left with an uneducated idea of what he was going to do. He trained hard to get in shape the last year of highschool. I know – but his mother doesn’t really understand that the boy who left in September will be completely changed when he comes back a man – if he comes back, because our service men are completely expendable fighting in false wars that have been sold to the public and have no idea what reality is. They watch Fox News every day and reality doesn’t exist. I was left with only being able to say, “I’m proud of you and I hope it is everything you want it to be,” knowing his illusions will be shattered, if it doesn’t ruin him.

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  2. Oh, Sonni, I know that “I’m sorry” just won’t do it, but I feel for you. You said to him exactly what I said to my sons when they were deciding whether to enlist (they didn’t but there were no wars at the time). The absence of reality is what bothers me also. Sending good thoughts your way…

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    1. In Dec boot camp is done and he will have ten days at home. I know he doesn’t understand reality yet. He doesn’t understand war or our politics that keeps us in war. We are a nation of taking what we want while they try to make you feel it is all about spreading democracy. They say they care about the vets but we’ve all read too many stories of how our vets have not been treated well. All injuries are not on the outside. My daughter told me he is training to be a sniper. He is training to be a killer. Someone recently told me about someone who was a sniper. Having to learn to live with the things he has had to do because it was to awful to tell anyone. That is what causes such a high suicide rate because they think to ask for help would show them to be weak and they are passed up for higher ranks. My grandson was a gentle boy. I can’t picture him going through that. But right now it’s still a rah rah let’s go kill ISIS computer game. It isn’t going to be real until he has to personally take a life.

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      1. Sometimes I say I’m going to stop trying, and then someone asks a question that shows there are people who are trying to figure things out even amid all the garbage and noise and it fires up hope once more and I have to keep going. Some understand and some get pissed off. Some prefer the world of ignorance and don’t want to take part in making the world better. What they don’t realize is that it doesn’t end when they die. The deeper meaning of karma is not, “You get back what you dish out.” Who we are is much more complex than that. No opine “gets away” with anything, no matter how much they think an outside source forgives them. We are EXACTLY who and what we have chosen to be by our thoughts, words and actions. It is often sad watching people not understand that, but there isn’t much that can be done. Each of us chooses our own path.

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  3. Sonni, what you wrote is very important (“We are exactly WHO and WHAT we have chosen to be…”). I believe we are all a bit complicit in our life decisions. I also believe some of us try to break away but are sometimes tossed back by an inexorable tsunami that makes us feel it’s useless. I do hope that social media can serve as an outlet for some or a sociological revelation for others who do not know that we are almost all alike, wanting the same things, reacting in similar ways, and all is not what it seems in those whose lives seem perfect. One can hope…


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