Too much

The world

When once

I refused to read

A newspaper

Watch the news

Now bombarded

By social media

Too much

Can I wish myself

Into a wisp of

Perfumed air

And disappear

Down the sound hole

Of a wood

Or even laminate

Ukulele, guitar

Stay far far away

From the world today

And think of ways

To habitate in my new

Fortress of Solitude

Hoping the strong wind

Will pluck the strings

In minor keys

To bring me peace

From the looming faces

And voices

Of the world

That are just too much for me

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Inside A Guitar, Classic FM


  1. A very tempting idea… if impractical with so many sheeple trampling every meadow and field, and so many shepherds in military fatigues and armed to the teeth searching for that “lost” sheep. No, we must weather it until our bodies give up the ghost, literally and then hopefully we will be free, as Leonard Cohen sings in “Le Partisan”

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