Changing, changing,

Sixth sense sounding

Like a warning siren

Me, like the Earth,

Fracked into fragments

Pieces of ice

Like spilled trays from the freezer

Broken up

Reflecting burning

UV rays from fiery space

Water leaking over

An aging landscape

The elements rebelling

Changing, changing,

Nothing will ever be the same…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Break up of Arctic, Discover Magazine Blog





  1. At 62 this is where I am. There is no more pretending I am the person I see in my mind. Always attractive, catching the eye of people I pass. Now I am looked through. I don’t belong in the consciousness of this generation anymore as I look at my skin and the changes. But I have something better now, that this generation doesn’t even realize it is missing in their lives. I have better wisdom. I’ve had greater experiences. I have more knowledge with the wisdom of how to use it. I have learned patience. I know what it means to dream and fail and learn to dream again. I have guidance worth giving when I learned from my mistakes. I learned that beauty is useless and fleeting – and if it isn’t backed up with beauty within then lost outside beauty will make you hard as you continually chase the youth you can never get back. Most of all I learned to appreciate living because I almost lost it. Every day of life is a gift and shouldn’t be wasted. Every day should end with the thought – Well lived.

    P.S. I love your writing.

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  2. I just went to your Amazon page. I had no idea you had written so much.and that you were also into music. I record improvised piano music. Music to dream by. It can be found scattered on both of my blogs, often with prose – not lyrics. To be read with the music, but on soundcloud.com/sonni-quick you will find 30 pieces of music, I write emotions. I let my fingers play what I’m feeling, like playing the piano from the inside out. I wait before I play it back so I can listen like a stranger and it amazes me sometimes. I can never play it again. It doesn’t matter. I’d play something new. I really do call it dream music. Before you know it you are asleep.

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    1. I’ve heard samples of your music and “dream music” is a wonderful description. You have so much talent! I wish I had learned to read music. I played guitar for 6 months when I was a teen and then taught myself ukulele a year ago this past June. I’ve memorized chords so I’ve put some of my poetry to music. It’s really “campfire strumming” as one reviewer called it but i am transformed when I play and feel so giggly-happy when I “compose.”

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