Guess I do like

Star-crazed men

As long as they’re

Super smart


(That’s a social media buzz word)


So my artist crush is

Vincent Van Gogh

Many of us love him

He’s not the most realistic artist

But certainly owns a

Mysterious soul

Some say someone else

Cut off his ear

Over a woman

I personally don’t care

Enamored with him anyway


How nice to see

A modern artist

Who conceived a

Dating service

Of famous faces

He pairs two of my favorite portraits:


Although not drop-dead gorgeous

Next to Helen of Troy

La Giaconda

(The Joyful One)

The Mona Lisa

Is considered

An enigmatically beautiful woman

Some say DaVinci drew himself

In drag

They cite head and

Bone structure measurements

But I don’t see it

Not sure if that is the claim

Of proud gay commentators

Or homophobic ones

I personally don’t care


I do care why, though

Why do we often

Give our hearts

To those who were

So lost

Centuries ago

Why do we feel one with them

Is it the egotistical

Saviour complex

Like, if only Van Gogh

Had loved me

I would have cherished him

I would have saved him

Oh, Vincent

If only you were here


If only I was there

Rescue me…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Barry Kite, Aberrant Art

(Thanks to Lisa Rachael for posting pictures)


  1. save me
    oh vincent!
    but don’t haste,
    bring that canvas
    along with the paint.
    i can be no
    Monalisa you see.
    just paint me
    famous in drag

    great poem…….loved it! 🙂 🙂

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