To live inside a deck of cards

Safer place to reside

Than the world of flesh

Wouldn’t really be two dimensional

Because the true thinking

Goes on there, not here

In the Third dimension

I shuffle my Drom Ek Romani

The Way of One Gypsy

Amateur drawings first conceived

When very young

Although my artistry never improved

Each card is imbued

With my soul signature

I enter seeking refuge

With my agenda-less friends

(After all, I am their agenda)

When alone and blue

And want to hear the truth

It will not hurt my feelings

Like lies do, as told by

Three-dimensional people

Smiling into my face yet

Secretly sneering

I find myself in a polar universe

The Physical plane

Ice-encrusted imposing castle

Against a blue-tinged sky

Kapuri card 9


Solitary confinement


My thoughts so imprecise

How do I melt the ice

Moving onto a theater stage

Opened curtains for performing serpent

Plane of Emotion

Slobozil Pe Maya card 10

Strip away the illusions

When I cannot accept life

I fantasize


Just don’t insist on making them a reality

Decades of falling into the same trap

The serpent represents wisdom

He hisses, but kindly

And I move away

Not quite twilight, I reach

A dark cave sheltering huge eyes

Guga card 20

Face your fears

This, then, is the Mental plane

Blinking eyes

Use your eyes

They seem to say

Then process all in your mind

Don’t be blind

How to trust my judgment

Once again a serpent

Wrapped around a tree

Reminiscent of that biblical story

But quite different

The snake, a she, wants me

To stop hanging on her tree

Sap card 12

You will hang here with me

Until you learn

Sacrificing your life

When all along you only need

To let go

This is the Spiritual plane

Trust in the Universe

Listen to what it sings

Most importantly

Trust in yourself

I am now on a bridge

Between the Third and Second dimensions

So safe here with friends

So frightening there

The world like a ring

With facets of faces

Multiple emotions

Directed my way

Don’t make me cross that bridge…

But I do…

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Four Drom Ek Romani cards


  1. I was a professional Tarot reader for years! Then I had apprentices, it was so much fun! Colors drew me in. That’s how it worked for me. With total ink intolerance I had to get rid of them all (300 books were sent to prisons). And I understand going that fast. I have delayed emotional response so the two combined kind of leave me ahead and behind others. Time has to circle back…

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    1. Oh, you’ll have to go more into depth about colors drawing you in. Sounds interesting! Love the tarot but as you can see by the image, I always make my own decks (no matter how ridiculous my drawings!) because I feel closer to the symbols. Now, I don’t even use cards. I use a random number generator and usually only pick 4 numbers (one for each element/plane) and jokingly call them “jiffy fortunes” when reading for myself and family. BTW, enjoying your blog (although you’re miles above me so I’m rereading a lot). I have tweeted two of your articles but there was no place for me to write comments to tell you that. However, I’m really not good with commenting on other people’s blogs so when I click “like,” I really LIKE the blog!

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