Repost from May 2015


The past allows for re-entry

It is never the same as the first time

Yet it remains impossible to change

Nudging open the door, entering a bygone time

We move about the silent scene

Merely unwanted apparitions

Why do we return?

Why can we not let some things fade?

Some memories are not worth saving

But they push through like

Horror corpses in cemeteries

Zombies of time demanding to be fed

Wish I could live in the now

But the now is made up of the then

And the future obscenely awaits us…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens  (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Astrological Clock


  1. Interesting for people like myself who experience no emotional pull into the past, just simple, detached curiosity or finding some old fragments of notes to self indicating that I meant to become a better person… eventually. As for those others who shared some of those times with me, it’s up to them to deal with their own thoughts as I do mine. “And the future obscenely awaits us…” Also an interesting approach to the future. Yes, I suppose for most earth-bound people there is much writing on the wall spelling doom and gloom, and that is inevitable. But if not earth bound; if the future is beyond the physical, offering “brave new worlds and new civilizations” that’s something to look forward to? Neither “man” nor “earth” (nor heaven, for that matter) can trap me in their obscenities, not any more!

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    1. I always thought of myself as being a forward-looking person. I adore technology, robotics, 3D printers (they print chocolate, OMG 🙂 ) but…I guess I’m just going through a period of melancholy and reflect on it, obsessively, in my poetry. Trying to clean up my act 😀

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