Korako, crow, oh no

Waking to you

Feathers in free-flight

Circling, then

Landing by my feet

Last time you were here

My cardinals disappeared

Lucidly rising from the pillow

I say, please, be an omen

For a good day

Really need one


You look at me with

All-knowing eyes

As I stare back at you

Trying to be strong but kind

I ask you to move along

Spare me live-at-five

Real-time demonstrations

Of the food chain at work


Thought I was awake

But you answered me

In perfect American English

“Good for you, bad for me

I do it only when hungry”

Do it down the street, then

Cardinals are nesting there too


Korako gives me a sad look

“Your cardinals are more important

Than those of neighbors?”

Chastened, eyes closed

I try to go deeper into sleep

Want to forget the dream

Almost waking time

Subconsciously hear my dogs

Scratching, moving around the bed

Korako fading into that other world

And I, tribal sociopath, am left

Self-reflecting on selfishness

Taught to me by korako…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: How To Draw A Tribal Crow by Dragoart.com


  1. Unlike humans, the rest of the species on this world have an excuse for their predatory ways: they are what they are and they cannot change. Your Korako explains it to you in the dream, and you are chastened when realizing the truth of it. We can change, they cannot. When I learned about the pain of animals, I became vegetarian. I had that choice, I took it and never regretted it. Now I could not eat meat knowing what is involved. Earthians, unlike all other lifeforms here are predatory by choice, so it is little wonder they are in such trouble with each other and their environment. When you choose a thing, it’s selfishly, and selfishness leads to more and more until there is no more to be had. Death follows.

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    1. Yes, and I’m not sure whether I’m overreacting or what, but feel there is more selfishness than ever. Maybe it is because I grew up trying to change the world and make it a better place and then saw the truth (cannot be done) as I got older. But there is a lot of beauty and kindness left on the Earth and although it’s a struggle some days, we must try to concentrate on that…


      1. Some of us grew up trying to change the world, then learned what ‘the world’ really was. No, can’t be changed because it doesn’t have the will to change. More selfishness than ever is our grown older and more observant perception which I think is more quantity than quality. People are innately selfish, hence the more people, the more observable selfishness. Beauty and kindness there remains, certainly, we could not exist without some examples of it. But do I concentrate on the fact some remains, or the fact that it’s disappearing? I don’t have the “luxury” of looking on the bright side, that’s not how I’m made. I’m a natural born fixer and if I can’t fix “the world” then there has to be something else related to that concept I can fix. I can fix me – always in need of fixing – and I can fix bits and pieces of the neighbourhood. I can also write about my observations. More: I can practice satyagraha, that is, non-violent non-cooperation, both middle fingers permanently extended to the status quo. And I can laugh… 🙂

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    1. Are you from the UK, Daisy? I have some friends there and they say they’ve never seen one. They have become my favorite backyard wild bird, not only for their colorful beauty but also for their family fun and antics that they engage in 🙂


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