An early Winter Solstice present

Appeared in the mail


Allowing me to pretentiously play

Like I’m Janis Joplin

Talented and fey

Happily harping to my known ukulele chords

Singing into the perfect Florida morning


Neighbor’s rooster began crowing along

Smiling, I knew he enjoyed my song

Came down off my music high

Finally noticing that he never stopped

That rooster crowed from six to four

Silent by dawn, heard not anymore


Like some old Volva

Spouting dire predictions

In the Norse Edda

Perhaps tossing runic bones

I shivered in the pre-dawn light

Wondering what would occur by tonight


Remembering that Egdir plays the harp

While red Fjalar the rooster


Heralding Ragnarok

Events presaging

The fiery destruction

Yet bountiful rebirth

Of our troubled Earth


Sometimes hard to be born a mystic

Symbols and sounds, so holistic

Today I play with heavy heart

Not sure what came first:

The rooster or the harp

Or were they merely


Reacting together…?

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Volva and Egdir from the Edda


    1. Thanks, Christine! One more month to the solstice but then there are January and February to come. I must confess, though, that living in Florida with intense heat and humidity has made me wish that the winter could be just one more month longer because I’m loving the coolness 😀

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  1. I really am a fan of your poetry. Would you be interested in writing some invocations to some Celtic gods and goddesses if I sent you their information? There’s no money because it is a book for people in prison , and one in 100 Americans are in prison and 8% to 12% of them say they’re pagan, so that means one in 1000 Americans! And there’s only two books for them and it’s part of my political activism combined with spiritual devotion to edit and write the book. Please let me know!

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