Noticed on my list of followers that I supposedly unfollowed about 30 people.  No way!  Not sure what happened or whether it was a WordPress problem.  Or, maybe, 30 people un-followed me on the same day and that’s what it looks like?  Anyway, re-followed but just block me if you initiated it…




  1. Sorry to hear that the goblins have got to you, as well. My list gets edited on a daily basis. Some of the blogs I follow don’t appear in my Reader. I am tempted to protest but it seems self involved, especially right now, so I haven’t. It feels like a glitch but this is a technocracy so I do not trust that it is random.

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  2. Yes, SB, I’ve noticed that some of the blogs I follow do not appear in the Reader either. It seems that there were no problems for the first year or two but maybe there are just so many bloggers now that it is difficult for them to keep up. Whatever the problem, just know that if I’ve disappeared from your follower list, it wasn’t me and feel free to add me back!

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