Moving away from the city that day

No longer able to tolerate cement suffocating the earth

Never seeing the universe’s nightly planetarium

Hiding out in the country

Ostriching my head

As the daily news counted the dead

Telling myself, I’m safe

But I know now it is the absolute end

Glass face of the moral compass


If there was still a molecule of belief

In love and peace

It has been sucked into a

Bottomless vacuum

And nothing

Not a speck

Not an iota

Can ever be seen

No matter how strong the

Scanning electron microscope


Seeking an image

Gone, all gone…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: pollen molecules under scanning electron microscope


  1. Quote: “If there was still a molecule of belief / In love and peace / It has been sucked into a
    / Bottomless vacuum
    Love and peace sucked into a bottomless vacuum – That happened long, long ago, in fact those two “virtues” never existed; they’ve always been the bromide for those who didn’t want war and hate. They needed something opposite, so they were given “love and peace” by the very same forces that gave them hate and war. But they never caught on that “love and peace” have never worked. They can’t ever work because they are placebos. They have no energy. They’re ideas, never meant to be working concepts. When I say that I really piss people off – not because I’m wrong, the evidence is all around – but because they don’t want to hear it. How can we then stand tall and strong against forces of hate and war? We literally make ourselves into compassionate beings. We let compassion take over our lives, and in this we find joy no matter what goes on around us. We experience joy because our compassion energy forces us to experience sorrow, real sorrow based on empathy. In these things we lose our selfishness and therefore our fear and life becomes beautiful again. I know this because I live this. As simple as it is difficult and costly to engage. I say costly because compassionate energy must come from me, it has no other source; and it always flows out, never in. It is the cornucopia by which we tap into the infinite energy of the cosmos. It was likely the original idea behind the Christmas myth.

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    1. Intellectually, I agree, but emotionally, well…Although I’m going through a “Blue Period” and writing negative verse, I know I’ll still insist on believing the myth of peace 🙂


      1. I can understand people wanting desperately to hang on to the concept, even if it has never, not ever, worked. Jesus is probably the greatest of the peaceniks – certainly the gospels testify to his peace message. Well, the Matrix took that through the Manchurian candidate, Paul of Tarsus, and turned it into the Christian religion – need I say more on that?
        What if we have a better option? What if “peace” was attainable without even mentioning, or thinking, about it, or about love, that other thing so popular that has never worked either? What if there was something inside of us no instrument of the Matrix can touch, buy, twist beyond recognition, or kill? What if this option has the power to eliminate fear, hate, depression and co-dependency to collectives and divinities? What if it opens the door to joy and that door never again closes? Would that be worth discovering, to you?

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  2. I came close to something like that 20 years ago. My aura was pure white. Even when I saw and was the victim of meanness, I managed to remain serene. This lasted 3 years then I met a man and it all crashed down. Something about my mirror and his being so different. So yes, I often wish I could get back to that mindset, x-marks-the-spot place in time, but …


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