Forcing me to look into your eyes

Knew something not quite right

Swimming in your ominous pools

Feeling the pulse of a song

You, you said you love me

In love, you said

Whispered in a star-tossed bed

Me, refusing to give away my anemic power

But worn down (“Do you, do you love me???”)

Admitted the truth

I do

What a night

Me and you

Swimming in dark pools of

Unbearable delight

Only to drown in reluctant dawn

You took your pools

I felt a fool

Gone, gone your hypnotic eyes

Leaving me floundering

In your lies

No one to hear my wounded cries

Now in pools

Dead as jet mourning jewels

Barricading the last image

Of one about to be a ghost

Pools deep as the sloping sands

Of a continental shelf

Pools hiding hazards unknown

To a naïve but desperate woman

Who took the chance of diving

Into the frigid waters of possibility

Despite swirling in blood-red


I want to die from the lie

Knowing, now,

That I’d been so wrong

About you…

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



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