Just published a Kindle version of my newest poetry book.  They are all the poems I’ve posted on FB and WordPress since July 2016.  Will do a paperback on Create Space soon.

For those of you who publish on Kindle, it has changed for the better.  I was actually able to do the cover in less than 5 minutes after uploading my own photo.  Free.  They also have a new program where the Kindle can be used as the paperback (instead of using Create Space) but it is still in the Beta stage and I’m not sure if I want to use it at this time since it seemed like Bowker was the only place to get an ISBN.

Anyway, although I fixed some run-on problems (one poem running into another on some of the pages), it seems I can’t get it straightened out.  I think there are minor glitches on Kindle but hey, it’s free to publish, and I’m so grateful to Amazon for this opportunity!

Gotta get away from my computer today…




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