FIVE PLANETS AND A FULL HUNGER MOON (Poem & chords for Ukulele)


Have I held myself hostage to something I wrote and after playing it on the ukulele and singing it day after day after day does it really sound good or is it musical Stockholm Syndrome?


(Am)Five planets and a full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune


(G)Dangling above my sorrowful (C)head

(C)Making me wish I was (G)dead


(G)Dawn breaks in a Bluesy (C)sky

(C)Here I am, trying not to (G)cry


(F)Same as a willow (C)rooted below

(C)Heart cold and lost like an icy (F)floe


(G)Unlike the Moon, I do not hunger for (C)food

(C)Need a way out of my (G)solitude


(G)How might I cope with your (C)desertion?

(C)Why would I want to continue your (G)coercion?


(Am)Five planets and a full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune


(G)Retrograde planets add to your harsh (C)words

(C)Mercury and Jupiter whirling (G)backwards


(G)Venus, Saturn and also (C)Mars

(C)Add strife to the male-female (G)spars


(F)Love has become something (C)ephemeral

(C)Creating an atmosphere stifling and (F)sterile


(G)Like a nocturnal mammal I scurry (C)around

(C)Shivering on the muddy (G)ground


(G)Not sure what to do (C)anymore

(C)Bright Antares and Spica I (G)ignore


(Am)Five planets and a Full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune

(Am)Merely a meaningless magical (C) rune


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) lyrics and chords: Miniature Worlds Sublime


Last year we had 5 planets aligned with the February full Hunger Moon. This year the 5 will appear at different times but there will be a Penumbral lunar eclipse.  Look for Venus and Mars to be visible, Jupiter visible before midnight, Saturn and Mercury visible before dawn on Feb 10, 2017 7:33 pm



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