How’d we move from pole to pole

Ignoring the all-important balance

Shaman shaking feather-trimmed

Rattler’s tails

Singing up to the skies

Suddenly, like time-warping,

Doctors with prescription meds

Creating multiple walking deads

Where’s the balance?


I don’t really see auras

I see life force

And I see it in your eyes

You really don’t want to die

But you continue to commit suicide

By prescription drugs


Chemicals are not always the answer

To better living

Break it down

Use your intelligence

Trust in yourself

Doses are meant to be adjusted

Not necessarily by the medical gods


I know so well

How hard life is

How sweet the soma from

Little white pills

How banishing reality

By swallowing chemical cocktails

Brings us into the okay world

Especially when we are the working poor

Agoraphobically, we must go out the door

Please, don’t give in


Where’s the balance?

WE are the balance

What’s right for our bodies

Isn’t necessarily right for others

Please don’t die



© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Live Science, prescription drug medicine



  1. Living drug free requires two basic things of an individual: self-empowerment and self-discipline. This means choosing to live stress free in the midst of chaos; eating, not for pleasure or taste, but strictly to satisfy a body’s needs (not demands); clean, preferably outdoors, exercise. Then one can engage life for the gift that it is. That’s my experience anyway.

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    1. Yes, so true. Unfortunately, there are so many difficulties in remaining stress-free. This poem was written for a family member, that I love, and although strong-minded, I’m hoping the succumbing to pills will only be temporary…


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