Live long enough

Might find you’re in

A personal déjà vu

Full circle

Repeating events

People, places

A bit different

But it’s like

This is it

Get it right

This time

Some call it

Instant Karma

But here we are


And like reprising a role

Done when young

The script remains the same

Can we make alterations?

Will we?

Sitting and staring

Like my little girl self

Children are prisoners

So are the aging

But I’m desiring the other side

Would wander in sandy boots

Climb tree canopies

Lift my wings

Through the clouded gateway

Barely brushing the leaves

But hey, deep down I know

Nothing will change

Nowhere to go

It’s me

Still me

And all the years of playing adult

Doing, dreaming

Tangential meanderings


The full circle

360 degrees

Add that up

(Oh, yeah, it’s all numerology to me)

Equals 9

Tarot Hermit

Seeking the truth

For once, though

I do not mind

The vision of

Swinging a lantern

Through darkness of indecision

It is finally a relief

To be



© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: fenced in




  1. This articulates quite well what so many of us who have survived adulthood into the second life are going through.

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  2. Excellent! I never thought about the numerology of the 360 degree full circle being 9… hmmm interesting. I expect everything is actually sacred geometry, and time is perhaps a loop… Nice poem 🙂

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    1. You are so right! I have created in the midst of children whining, dogs barking, cats meowing and crazy men (over the years) screaming, but there is nothing like calm and quiet for thinking and writing 😀

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