Twilight crows

Where will they go

In the last seconds before

Cobalt deepens into Navy

Cardinals and Woodpeckers

Tucked into vulnerable nests

But crows

Almost like postulant predators

Fly cawing across the twilit sky

Blurring the line

Bisecting nature’s decree

Of fair play for prey

Separating the day from the night shift

Crows on overtime

In a world where diminished habitat

Demands a late-night murder

Owls begin protesting

Hooting in my backyard

As I herd my little dogs inside

Because danger never sleeps…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My sundown Live Oak


    1. My first night in Florida I was sitting on an outside porch watching a spotted owl fly and thinking how peaceful they are (how “wise”). She suddenly swooped down and caught a rodent and this ol’ city girl was almost in tears. Of course, a few more weeks in Florida and I magically became a country girl (even though I wear black 🙂 ) My dog Bandit is only 5 pounds and I fear for him the most but watch him when he’s out at night or dawn.

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