The sun is not mysterious enough

To rate writing about

Moon mystique is endlessly


Appearing in the darkness

Drawing our blood, tides

And ruling our emotions

Contrast the sun

A necessity for all life

Dosing us with Vitamin D

Nothing enigmatic though

Just there

Even if it seems invisible

Like during polar winters

Of utter darkness

Or on stormy sub-tropical noons

Even on cloudy beaches

Evidenced by the wind-blown skin damage

It is there on twilight evenings

As night-bloomers like Evening Primrose

Open and stretch

Toward its sleepy rays

Dark or light

Dim or bright

The sun is always there

No, nothing mysterious about it

Just a burning ball having

Occasional tantrums

As the spots explode

We understand its punishment

On desert roads

Our bodies mercilessly drying

There are so many moon songs

But not many sun ones

So what’s to write about?

Yet, my favorite time of day is dawn

When the sun sails above the Earth

Breaking through the horizon’s rim

My heart thuds loudly because another day

Another chance for a good day

Is once again hovering in the dawn

Let it be today, I think longingly

Let it be today…


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Morning Sun June 2016


  1. I love both sunrise and sunset, when day and night give way to each other…calm, quiet, and magical.
    Love this, Clarissa. It’s beautiful. And you make a valid point: not much praise heaped on Sun compared to Moon.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! Maybe it’s a bit hard to be romantic when sweat is dripping down the face in the sun! In contrast, the darkness is always kind and a little moon glow can go a long way in smoothing the face 😀

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  2. Very expressive and I enjoyed the ideas. ❤ I agree that the boring old sun is often neglected, in speculative fiction as well, but despite the risk of gender bias, I'd say as a once-upon-a-time plasma physicist that the sun still holds a bit of mystery. Solar flares are complex and beautiful phenomena, still poorly understood. I know, not particularly emotional or romantic, but that's me. 😀

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    1. I’m actually relieved that you brought that up, Steve 🙂 When I wrote it, suddenly remembered that there are lots of great SUN songs about its own mystique. But then I decided I’m a “confessional” poet and for the moment, I was confessing how I felt (in the moment) and clicked on “post” (LOL).

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      1. Like we all do. 🙂 I wasn’t disagreeing, my comment about the magnetohydrodynamics of solar flares may have been a little less than relevant. 😀 There are always exceptions, but especially in fantasy and magic, I think the moon is way ahead, and this even applies in some ancient mythologies. The Tupi peoples of the Amazonia have a beautiful moon myth, and in another exception, both their moon and sun gods are goddesses (hope that makes sense).

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  3. Oh, it does, and I know you weren’t disagreeing! I actually mentioned the “temper tantrums” of solar flares in my own crazy way and was VERY pleased that you responded in your more logical way 😀 Thanks for always taking me seriously!


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