I follow this wonderful WordPress blog that visually records some of the finest street art ever seen.  I noticed a section titled “RIP” and was sad to see that so many of these wonderful paintings are destroyed.  Please see and like Resa’s blog at


Adapted from my poem “IMPERMANENCE” published in Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems 2015


We are all merely a Buddhist sand painting

A created, colorful mandala

Years in the making

Seconds in the melding

Of individual grains

With the earth, water, wind and fire


Existence is




I understand the analogy

Just cannot accept it…


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems

IMAGE: Even Teenage Vampires Cry (artists unknown)





  1. What a wonderful poem! I missed the pingback, but I didn’t really understand them until recently.
    Wonderful, and thank you, and I am very happy for your inspiration!

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  2. Some time ago, I read a passage in a book saying that our Earth–in comparison to the universe–is no more than a grain of sand on a vast beach. Makes one think just how insignificant and transient a human life is.

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  3. Wonderful poem! I do wish street art could remain always but the public nature of it says otherwise.. I’m a big fan of Resa’s blog too so it’s nice to see that she inspires you xx

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