What a way

To cost-effectively play


Why buy strings

That stretch and break

When Walmart sells

The key to unending fun

In a magical reel

Like the discovery of the wheel

Something to change my life

So I string my Tenor

Like a Baritone


Like a 4-string guitar

(Who needs bass?)

And plunk


Sing in the silence of a

Swampy womb

Or an air-conditioned room

Fishing string producing

Musica Universalis

Music of the Spheres

Do you hear?

I do…

2 closeup with fishline sm px


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


Images: RockStar & fishing line & ukulele / fishing line & ukulele


    1. Wow, thanks! Just now finished reading some of your work. I felt so old, yet proud, that I remember Sgt. Pepper and how it changed my whole idea of rock, especially since I could only stand to listen to folk music until I heard the album. Your poetry is great, too. Looking forward to reading more…


  1. Ah, thanks, but gotta confess: I jokingly thought it would work because I sometimes fish and had lots of line around but I checked it out on YouTube and sure enough, it works 😀


    1. Yes. This time I used 25 pounds, 40 pounds and 50 pounds (not sure of the gauges but can look it up) and kept the original wound string on the D string. I’ll eventually try something heavier. But this is for a Baritone ukulele. I’m sure it would work on an acoustic guitar, though.

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  2. Fishing line… who’da thunked it? You, obviously. Smart. We used to string thin wire on broomsticks to strum when we were kids. No money for musical instruments so we improvised. It was fun, that’s what mattered. Thanks for the reminder…

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    1. Oh, wonderful! Just loved growing up poor because it made us more creative. I lived in the city so we used broomsticks as bats for half ball 🙂 A favorite was to make “scooters” out of an orange crate and an old metal skate.

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    1. 😀 Okay, okay, just in a jealous snit that I don’t play a “real” guitar with 6 strings. So sorry (imagine an emoticon rolling its eyes)


    1. Oh, no, CC, it never occurred to me about electric since I’m always acoustic. I guess there are no classic guitars or Flamenco electric since, traditionally, they use nylon (?).

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