(those flamingos are at it again)


G7/ Lonely lifetime search

A/ Wandering through corridors

G7/ Turning the wrong way


A/ So close, I sense you

G7/ Separated labyrinth

A/ Blind inside a maze


Em/ Mysteriously

A/ Life’s ancient map has appeared

Em/ Atlas of my love


A/ Our hearts synchronized

G7/ Earth, water, air and fire

A/ Magic words to meet


G7/ Fantasies and dreams

A/ Fevered shadows of the real

G7/ Now dispelled by A/ you


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Tenor Turned Baritone (DGBE) simple strumming


    1. Oh, Rob, thanks so much! You’re one of the few people who comment on my music and I’m thrilled. I must confess, I’m like a monkey with a typewriter when I “compose” music. I don’t know musical notation, just dozens of chords. (but I’ve begun studying them because I’m interested in writing better songs). Anyway, if you ever want, just take my songs and change the music (although your words are wonderful too…yeah, including Mr. Tips). If you get nominated for a Grammy, just use my name as lyricist! Truly, though, thanks so much for liking it and making my day! 🙂

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      1. Omg! I almost spit out my mojito! I hadn’t thought of Mr Tips as a musical collaborator 😉 I’m on vacation next week and I’ll put down your song in Cubase and post the result. You can let me know if I have the same vibe as you.

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