Sliver of gold

Separated from the Sun

Found the sandy ground

Sparkling electrons

Sliver of silver

Melted from the Moon

Remained warm and bright

Every night

Snuggled beside her solar knight

Wading through weeds

Alchemist captured them

In his samovars

Of gold and silver

The perfect night for his

Heart’s creation

Manipulating matter

From Solid to Liquid

To Gas to Plasma

Poured into a cup

Sniffing the bouquet

Deeply drinking

The essence of her being

As she grew from the Earth

Showered by the Water

Breathing the Air and

Glowing from the Fire

Splitting from his body

Transformed into a

Philosopher’s stone

Shattering like a delicate bird’s egg

Emerging into the dark

Projecting her daylight

Her moonlight

Capturing him

And enchanted,

He acquiesced,

For Love sees no matter

In chains…



© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Samovars


      1. My pleasure. With my feeble attempts at Buddhism, I’ve tried to come to terms with longing and desires. They make us who we are, and would we really change that? I wouldn’t–for a start I probably wouldn’t be poeting. 🙂 The thing about our heart is that it ignores all the interconnectivity that would change everything, including us. It imagines that if it gets its wishes we would be happy and not bored. Anyway that’s what I think. Also I’m cutting back on coffee and sweets and I would *really* like one of each right now. ☕️🍰 Make that two or five.

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  1. LOL about the coffee and sweets. For some reason, sugar was easier for me to give up than caffeine. Not even trying to ditch coffee anymore 😀 I do agree with you about longing and desires. I, too, have attempted Buddhism and all it entails but find I just cannot do certain things. I mean, I still don’t understand what is so wrong with stream-of-consciousness vs. clearing the mind. Well, maybe it’s avoiding stroke and heart attack by not having stressful thoughts but to me, it’s life. I like being quiet and thinking, at times, but I feel more alive when kinetic. Oh, well, we do what we can, in moderation. Balance is my key to harmony. Still trying! Thanks for your comments, Steve!


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