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An extra

Four and a half minutes

Revolutionizing music

Before that

Typical two minute songs

Good ones, so good

Motown, Beach Boys

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Even the most commercial protest songs

From a some-day peace prize winner

Are winding down

And the times they are a changing

Because the generation is demanding

And history is made

In a car tuned to AM radio

And here’s a song

On and on

Over six minutes



Hey Jude…

Teen in Nehru mini

He driving in Nehru shirt

Just out of the Army

Germany, not Nam

How’d he get so lucky

And the na-na’s go on

The guitars and drums

Voices and song

In the latest evolution

Of cruising music

And decades later

As that teen-turned-old-lady

Pedals on her elliptical

Singing to sunny skies

Ignoring the feeling

That youth was full of lies

About the future

Because the music remained true

A wormhole to wander through

Hey, Jude…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

The Beatles, Hey Jude



  1. A thought-provoking piece, Clarissa. The music, yes, and I guess we’re moved without necessarily believing lyrics. Is it always the natural progression, innocence to disillusionment? Is it okay to believe stuff that will probably turn out to be untrue but that gives hope and keeps us pedaling? 🙂 Great work.

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    1. Thanks, Steve! Yes, hope is the motivating factor at any age. Lyrics are iffy but I’ve noticed that since I like world music that is sung in languages I cannot understand, it comes down to the music. And maybe we “write” our own lyrics when we listen, ones that make sense to our situation and hopes 🙂

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