(Full Solar Eclipse 8-21-17)


Although no Rhesus monkey blood

Flows through the byways of my body

I feel fragments of fear

Originating from ancient landscapes

Of fern and endless flora

And I am there

Looking for the hidden animals

Absent from the water hole

Watching my tribe

Grunting over skins stretched tautly

Being beaten over enormous gourds

A chant arising

From useless fire

Reaching for the circle of what is now known

As the sun

While a shadow claims dominance

Wiping out daytime firmament

Bringing dusk to the home savanna

Behemoth swallowing the familiar fireball

Leaving us shivering on the ground

Grunting, crying, drumming

Scrying the water

For instruction on how to retrieve

Our celestial canopy

Bright and hot

We rock back and forth

In darkness unexplained

Crying in pain

Until the Feathered One

Points to the sky

With a club as high as he

We will not die!

The monster shadow is vanquished

By our chants

Our spilling of blood

Our promises to be good

And the raging fire

Once again

Rules the bright blue plain

Stretching silently above

A sea of heads

I was there

I remember

As today

Wearing a #12 Shade welding mask

I watch

The eclipse fade…


Β© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: prehistoric rock-Pinterest

Here I am wearing the welding mask, watching the eclipse:




  1. Very enjoyable Clarissa, πŸ’™ you’ve described their thoughts so vividly, thought provoking. A kind of arrogance I think, that they believed their transgressions could have such far-reaching consequences, and their holy one could reverse them. Today we know better, while we do indeed destroy the planet … PS Love the welding mask, used to do a lot of welding. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh, thanks, Steve! I’m sure there were a few human sacrifices included over the years 😦 Ah, yes, the welding mask. I look like Jason’s evil twin sister…call it my Friday the 14th look! You are such a wonderful artist that I wonder if you welded metal sculptures? Always felt that would be more difficult than chipping away at marble…

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      1. Very welcome, Clarissa and I am soo flattered that you would suggest that. πŸ™‚ A few years ago no-one would have. I worked for a decade or so in labs and industry on a weld monitor I invented for checking automotive weld safety. I get the Jason reference, but for me, it’s just a welding mask. πŸ™‚ Admittedly the welding robots can be a bit scary at times. They have safety interlocks, but when you’re told that if you hold up production you’ll be charged at cost ($10,000/minute or so) it’s even more frightening. 😲

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  2. Oh, I can imagine how scary they can be, especially at high speed. Interesting that you’re a “both-brained” person in that you’re creative and technological. I believe, though, that careful welding is akin to art (drawing a straight line). Thanks for you comment, Steve!


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