Hey all, after much suffering   the paperback version of my Plastic Lawn Flamingos and Other Poems is now available on Amazon for $5. The kindle version is nice, with lots of color illustrations, but this one has B&W ones. Still, to me, this is like my diary of a particular time. You’ve probably read all my poems anyway on FB and WP.  The link is below.

For those of you  who self-publish on Amazon, I used their new Beta program that is part of Kindle, rather than Create Space.  The interior was much easier to do, but I really dislike my cover.  Unfortunately, my phone did not take pictures higher than 1440 resolution and Kindle wants 300 dpi. Mine was much lower so I was limited in what I could use as a cover image. Also, I couldn’t understand a graphics program even if I was teetering on the top of the Rocky Mountains.  I’m sure, if you are PhotoShop-savvy, you could figure it out 😀


    1. Thanks, Alexis! I used the Kindle cover here but was unable to use that photo on the paperback front cover showing both flamingos together). Anyway, it’s fun to do and so wonderful to be able to publish for free, thanks to Amazon…

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  1. I used an app called photo resizer with mine, as most of my work was done using my phone as well. Self-publishing is a journey, one that I hope to take many times. I hope the same for you as well!

    Would you be interested in an ebook swap and review? Mine is available on KU and KOLL. Reviews are gold, and I can never seem to get enough gold! If you’re interested you can contact me at The Poetry Novelist WP page.

    Best of luck in your journey!

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    1. Hi manonfirewy. I just saw your comment that you posted almost 3 months ago. Thanks so much for your advice! I love receiving comments but sometimes get overwhelmed and miss them. So as far as a swap review I would have to say that I just can’t, at this stage in my life, but perhaps will reclaim my energy and be able to do something in the future. Best of luck to you, too!


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