Raining. Irma getting closer. So if you read my poems you know I live in a tin trailer that cannot withstand a hurricane.  There is only one shelter here that has room for 100 dogs.  Only 2 per family (I have 3) and no so-called “aggressive” types (Max is a Rottweiler mix and going blind but he wouldn’t be welcome). So I got the roomie to agree that we MUST get out of here.  I have a list of motels. Unfortunately, don’t really know when we can go. Neither of us can drive in rain or dark. But I also have a list of 24-hour Walmarts and we can sleep in the car in the lot and use their bathroom.  All this is to say, I may not answer you on FB or WP but I do have a smart phone and should be able to get online by cell tower.  Will try to post when I know something.  Wishing all my Florida friends and family strength and safety! Wishing all my family and friends the same…


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