The UK has Glastonbury Tor

The US has Mount Trashmore

I have been a Flatlander

Here in the Florida peninsula

But my backyard converts

To whatever I wish

And like conjurers of old

I see a Terrestrial Zodiac

On a two-lot land

An as below, so above plan

True, copying the stellar heavens

Is almost impossible to do

Yet I have special corridors of power

To do my bidding

Scaled down to twelve sections


Aries, my own, begins the wheel

Lies in the North

Red and green cayennes

Like the finest quartz Bloodstone

Soaking up the Sun

Clockwise to Taurus

Partially shaded by

Banana tree fronds

A solid, fighting weed

Inflorescence fruit womb

Gemini up against the back fence

Pure shade to hide the glow of

Duality and intelligence

Live Oaks dripping

Spanish Moss

With Air plants of Red Tillansia

Cancer conserving the foresty ponds of

Aquaplants like duckweed and algae

While Leo, basking in sunlight

Shows off the finest, most colorful

Swamp flowers

Haven for bees and hummingbirds

Now the serious vegetables take root

As Virgo’s analytical, critical

Earthy nature dominates under the palm tree

Libra has a patch of harmony

Growing this and that

But intense Scorpio

Hides the roots

Of onions, garlic and ginger

Under the water-based ground

And vibrant, reckless Sagittarius

Generously shines on Greens of every hue

As ambitious Capricorn

Close to the back of the house

Self-importantly impels the

Growing of corn and sunflowers

Sowed by birds and squirrels

Circle almost complete

As Aquarius

Not caring a bit

Who thinks what

Grows whatever blows its way

And inching closer to the beginning

Sensitive Pisces

Lets loose with exotic tropical flowers

Often not based in daily reality

But there, nevertheless


And so, I may never go

To see and feel the breathlessly beautiful

Tors and mounds sublime

But it is always

As above, so below

And I believe

In the great mystery

That if even one person

Out of one hundred

Lives life magically

It is a life worth living…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGES: Night Sky (Sky & Telescope), Glastonbury Tor (Wikipedia) and Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach (The Daily Runner)

Mt_Trashmore, Virginia Beach, image by The Daily Runner


  1. Ah, so beautiful! There is magic in every backyard. I admit I giggled when I came to Aquarius, as I am an Aquarius and ‘Not caring a bit who thinks what Grows whatever blows my way’ Haha! I do this both in gardening and in my life. Very perceptive poem!

    I hope to one day see Glastonbury. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Christine, and LOL! My youngest son is an Aquarius and I keep puzzling over the meaning of the song Age of Aquarius! I like Aquarians more than my own sign (Aries) though. Yes, it would be wonderful to see Glastonbury…

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      1. I love the fire of Aries. My niece is an Aries and she will motivate me to do a lot of things, whereas on my own I might be like ‘meh’ LOL! Some astrologers say we are now in the Age of Aquarius — but we do strive for Harmony and Understanding as the song says!

        As a fan of Avalon and Camelot, I dream of Glastonbury 🙂

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  2. One of my favorite “Arthur” books was Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Mists of Avalon” where Morgan Le Fey certainly got her day. So enjoyed reading from a woman’s viewpoint…

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  3. Heh! There really is a “Mount Trashmore”? Jeez! I thought you were poking fun at that other famous ‘more’ – Mount Rushmore. But it makes sense since rush more and trash more are prime American values which go in that order: rush, then trash, then repeat… 🙂

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