(To Eliana)


In a face filled with joy

Lives a young girl

Eyes shining

While skipping through

The empyrean

Glowing in heavenly lights

(Oh, my blinded eyes)

Music of the spheres

(Isn’t the noise level above the legal decibel limit?)

Wall to wall gameland

(Don’t know if I can stand in line much longer)

Scents of cheese, dough and tomato

(Finally! Gimme some pizza and caffeine!)

Yet I smile and laugh and snap pictures

With my phone that is so smart

Because it knows

Childhood passes, never lasts

And I lovingly watch my little granddaughter

Realizing she will  invariably remember

This enchanted evening

That will live and grow

In her imagination



© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Chuck E. Cheese’s somewhere in the US


  1. Your enjoyment came across, Clarissa. 💚 It’s a lovely piece, shown through her eyes, not crass and brash commercial, but magic for grown-ups. We all remember, I remember, and we know that if we went back, it would just be a scene in a shop window at Christmas, or whatever, but as you say, it becomes a part of us.

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    1. Thanks, Steve. Strange, but when I wrote it I tried to imagine what was exciting for me when young and sure enough, it was the crowded shops, around Christmas, looking at the decorations and waiting in line (amid screaming children) to see Santa! ❤

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