“Dentates masticate”

Says I

Suddenly envisioning

Small frogs

On their backs in boxes

Awaiting Biology students

To make their first Y incision

In High School labs across America

The girly girls ewwwwwwing

But not me

I wanted to see

But I don’t remember

Whether frogs have teeth


Studying the digestive system

It would be

Important to know

If they have teeth

Whether digestion begins

In the mouth

So here it is

“X” number of years later

As I toss and turn

In my oh-so-uncomfortable bed

Wondering whether

Frogs have teeth

Because they love dog food

And so I ponder:

Do they chew the crunchy food

Or stereotypically

Shoot out the tongue

And swallow whole

All this can be easily solved

By reaching on my night table

Home of the Smart phone and Kindle

Just a Google away

But no, too easy

Have to imagine scenarios

Why can’t the frogs stay in the swamp

My dogs chase and sometimes catch them

Get poisoned and although I keep down the hysteria

Must spritz hydrogen peroxide through a dropper

To encourage puking

They just won’t learn!!!

I do put away the bowls

Yet, the odd piece of kibble

Escapes under the deck boards

Know what?

I’m bored

Who cares if they have teeth?

Time to sleep…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Frogs like my cat food too

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