I don’t understand

All the fuss

About Christmas semantics

Think of the holiday

A phenomenal time

For all religions

No matter the name

A time when people seem happier

Whether receiving

Or giving

Being together


Like long-ago pagans

Shivering in clammy caves

Unheated cottages

They knew

The shortest day

Heralded the return of the sun

And an easier life

With crops and colorful fields

A few months away

So those of you

Who want the Christ back in Christmas

Try to see

That it is a perfect holiday

Of love and peace

Whether navigating toy aisles in Walmart

Or baking secret-recipe cookies

For those we like

Or sharing smiles with strangers in Mickey D’s

Isn’t that Christ?

Isn’t he there?

Just stop and see

With tolerance

Don’t criticize

Don’t polarize

We all are sand

We are water and sunlight

We are invisible air

Life can be all right

Today I saw a homeless woman

Pushing her possessions

In a rusty shopping cart

A twist of red plastic poinsettia

Adorning the handle

She sees him too…

(c) 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Season’s Decorations


  1. Beautiful thought and very true, Clarissa. So much commonality between beliefs and yet the world is still torn by religious strife, it’s hard to stay light as air. Wishing you a joyful holiday and a great 2018, Steve. PS: I’m running in power-saver mode (like my computers 😃) over the break.

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    1. Thanks, Steve, but just tonight, while scrolling on FB, there were two posts about not answering people who said “Happy Holiday” instead of “Happy Christmas”! Tried to think humorously that they really need to read my poem but then clicked off. Anyway, wishing you a wonderful holiday and enjoy being in power-saver mode! I’ve kinda done the same thing but the addiction is strong, especially in the dark of night! Ho, ho, ho 😀


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