(song-in-progress/will use lots of Em, Bbm, minor all the way)

For those lost, especially during the holidays…

Searching for the road home
It winds past city trash
And wild sunflower dumps
Where rats scurry to miss
Practice shots by bored kids

Searching for the road home
House in my name
Blue collar crowded rooms
Weekend alcohol and rarely
A toke of smoke enhancing
A mood that is happy or
A mood that is fast sinking

Searching for the road home
Worked so hard but
It just doesn’t fit
Like denim jeans sewn
In a country of petites
The wrong country
For voluptuous ass and thighs
Lands where those women believe
Their US counterparts have no need to cry

Searching for the road home
Different geometric shapes
Different names for states
A jigsaw puzzle from childhood
Can’t find the right neighborhood

Searching for the road home
Swamp and forest surrounding
Approaching age spent owning
A ten-year-old car
Some musical strings
Boots, shirts, just things
No home

Can’t find the road home
There is no home
Where do I go from here…?

(c) 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Galaxies Primordia


  1. Great poem, Clarissa. What amazes me most about this time is all the good, great and wonderful wishes for peace, love, prosperity and health being exchanged while correspondingly there is a huge increase in cases of depression! Mission statements don’t work and Christmas is nothing if not a post-Christian mission statement. I just exchanged a phone call with a “friend” I was going to visit tonight. He said, “You may not want to visit later, I’m so depressed…” and I could hear the crying on the phone. Depressed? This person has a million $ house paid for; a big government pension; his daughter just gave birth to a healthy second child today (Dec 24th)… Some people are their own worst enemies it seems but what is it about this time of year anyway? Is it the too high expectations? But what sort of expectations?

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    1. So hard to know, Sha’Tara. I know that some people have severe chemical imbalances and no matter how much money, good health, and love is in their lives, they cannot see it. I never watch TV but watched a DVD with my roommate, The Santa Clause. I really did get emotional at the end, Thinking how Christmas had never been like the movies, songs and books promise it will be, and found myself a bit teary. Crazy, because intellectually, I know we don’t need all those fairy tales to come true yet there it is. , I am sure we both will want, at this stage of our lives, good health, safety, and a few good friends. That’s what I want ❤

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      1. Those are good wishes. If I did wishes, what I would place on the request altar is, give me a quick and painless death, so I can go home. Earth has become so totally alien to me, there is nothing left of interest to me, except perhaps expressing compassion – certainly plenty of opportunity to do that! – and waxing philosophical with people willing to work on intelligent, open-ended discussions.

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