On this New Year’s Day
I will provide
A fragile parchment map
Fail-safe guide
For Nevo Bersh Baxt
Roaming a sky
Lit in fire-crackered smoke
My coordinates:
Northern Hemisphere
Eastern US Coast
Southern Region
Western Peninsula
Dear New Year’s Luck
Zero in on me
And my friends and family
Midnight Major Arcana reading
Without cards
Just generated random numbers
Too old for meaningful predictions
I mean,
Who needs to see
Although the true meanings are
And there it is
Number 10
Wheel of Fortune
So as a Southerner
For the last quarter century or more
I lovingly prepare
The lucky dinner
Black-eye peas
Collard greens
“Alternate” protein and
Corn bread stuffed with
Poblano and honey
Let this be a
Healthy year
Strong year
Intelligent year
Sweet year
Bring to me and mine
Zero in on a straight line
X marks the spot on my roof
For you, dear good Fortune
To sprinkle a myriad of

2018 blessings…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My lucky New Year dinner

HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL!  Sorry, have not kept up with WordPress comments and likes.  Feel so overwhelmed.  Just know that I’ll soon be back on track but I think of you all and wish you health and happiness…


  1. Very much enjoyed your descriptions of renewal and hope, of nature and cosmic connections. Have a great 2018, Clarissa. 💚 Nothing to be sorry about. I just switched off for the last three weeks, but found time to do something today, although still a couple of gatherings to attend on the old Orthodox Calendar …😃 Dinner looks lucky and delicious.

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    1. Hey, Steve, I’m getting ready to repost this poem for 2019 and just saw your comment. LOL! Only a year late! But nice to know we’re still writing a year later. Happy & Healthy New Year!

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      1. Haha, thanks Clarissa and likewise. Yes it is good we’re still poeting. although reading my comment, I could have written now. Apparently I haven’t changed much in a year — maybe that’s not a bad thing, who knows?

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  2. Reblogged this on poeturja and commented:

    Hey, here is my annual poem about the Southern version of the good luck New Year’s dinner. I’m off to make the cornbread and peas. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and fun New Year! ❤


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