Well, I finally feel the need for a little break from Social Media.  I am so appreciative of everyone’s comments and likes but find I can no longer keep up.  So I’ve removed the comments section (thank you, Denise, for your help!) but not sure if that also includes “like.”  I may post occasionally and I definitely will keep track of my Reader because one of the fun things in life is reading good writing and EVERY ONE of my followers and those I follow are exceptional!

Don’t know how long this will last.  I already feel a bit lost at the thought of not communicating with you.  Although I no longer scroll on Facebook, I do check messages.  My FB page is public, anyone can post or message me.  I can’t keep up with Twitter so that may not work.  But here are my two email addresses.  I always check my main one at least one thousand times a day 🙂  Please feel free to keep in touch.

Thank you, and hopefully I will be back!

Clarissa (Simmens)