Who influenced me
To write?
Anne Frank
Her diary!
Begged for one
And then, on my tenth birthday
There it was
Waiting for me
To add to the history
Of young women writers
But somehow
In the post second world war atmosphere
And the beginnings of the madness
Called a police action
Soon to take place
In a place
Not yet in our history books
My diary fell short
Of Anne’s writing
So I switched to mystery novels
And wrote my first
At age ten
But then
Never got past descriptions of
The heroine’s food
And although I was in love with Sherlock
It came as a shock
How difficult to write a novel could be
So then the sixties
Writing poetry shadows of Ginsberg
And then Dylan-ish songs
Didn’t pick up my pen
For another two decades
But told I was too old to be published
By some, um, poetry journal “editor”
And now, thanks to social media sites
I’m a poet! Self-proclaimed, I know
And to some of you who sneer at me
The Blogetressa
Nonetheless a
Poet I be…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Tools of the trade


  1. What an influence to write! Powerful stuff. And I can’t stand anyone who says you are not this or that. You are a poet and musician, and no one can take that away from you.

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    1. Wow! Thanks, Rob. My favorite poets and writers are on WordPress. We’re all so different and therefore, interesting, and absolutely talented! BTW, thanks so much for the “musician” part. Maybe we tend to mix up “performer” with “musician”? So, yes, I’ll count myself as the latter but sincerely mean it when I say that your work is performance-quality and am hoping you know that and keep on recording!


  2. I have found that editors are a lot of things, but being ageist like that takes the cake. Alright, maybe I won’t be playing rugby any time soon, but poetry??? Okay, I have successfully resisted launching into a full-scale diatribe. 😃 I will just say that, yes, there are very many kinds of poets, and you are a great one, Clarissa. PS: I appreciate that you may not have much time for commenting on WordPress, all good.

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    1. Hi Steve, so glad I restored “comments” because I missed “talking” to so many here on WP! I’m blushing from your compliment but thank you so much! Dang, wouldn’t mind reading your full-scale diatribe but maybe another time. Diatribes are often quite entertaining, especially if from a creative writer like you! I’ve kept up with your postings and so wanted to comment because as always, enjoy your writing and art enormously! Anyway, I’m back for now and looking forward to your work!

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      1. Just telling it like it is. Thank you as well, Clarissa. There is so much to be angry about, I consciously try to look for the positives. If I don’t find them, I try to be silent. I don’t always succeed. I’m still struggling with and juggling time, as usual. For now WordPress is still going…

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