Shakespeare covered
Every human emotion
In existence
Turned them inside out
Shook them over the
Straw-strewn floor
And we learned life from him

Woolf and Joyce revealed
The constant stream of consciousness
Speeding through our brain
Tunneling like a dark train
Finding form in summer fields
And we learned thought from them

Plath confessed it all
Words tinkling against
The cracked bell jar
Climbing the bars of poetry
Hearing Shakespeare’s
Be true to yourself
She was
And we learned about the fine line
Between fiction and reality
From her

Ginsberg and the Beats
Howled all over the world
Shoving ugliness down our throats
As they ushered in love and peace
Bleeding all over in City Lights books
Ideas never in print before
Overcoming obscenity trials
Changing the word itself
And we learned emotion from them

So what is left to teach?
What can we writers do
To make life easier for you?
To make you see
That we, like you
Suffer and love
Cry and sing
Hurtle through life
Slowly uncoiling
A lifetime search
An outreach
To teach
And learn from you…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: My notebooks & guitar


  1. Wow! What lovely words, and a lovely tribute to the Greats. Some say it has all been said… there is nothing new any writer can add. And yet, each day as I read various things I find myself blown away by some words somewhere — like in this poem 🙂 Exactly how I feel about Shakespeare, etc.!

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  2. An eloquent, deep and beautiful piece, Clarissa, with the perpetual question: can we, the soft machines, create the new, the beneficial? I think every lived life is unique, but fighting against us is the Internet, driving us towards the median and mediocrity.

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