Who says we’re the “Me” generation?
“Free” definitely
But remember all we did
For the Cosmos?
Some went to war
Some protested same
Learning the game
Of politics
Trying to save
Earth and clean up
Acid Rain
Not easy

Yes, we were teens
Milestone to adulthood
Looming like a shadowy
Twist of steam
Competing with our
Psychedelic auras
So we indulged
But remember, we didn’t know
That drugs, cigarettes
And even sunshine
Were traps of death

Oh, the music
Need I say more?
the melody of
Make love not war
Thrumming in our heads
Never to be forgotten
Decades after the first riffs
Of incomparable songs
Echoed along the
Space-time continuum

And you
My lovely cohorts
(No matter our politics)
We made a splendid skydive
Into time
Ticking to the
Rhythm of
Rampaging, riotous
All for the benefit of
You, the future generations…

(c) 2018 clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


  1. I found myself thinking about that time that you’ve so eloquently described, Clarissa. Love that “splendid skydive.” Many of us were idealistic back then, but I’m afraid today true selfishness is the rule rather than the exception, at least for those that ascend to some sort of power. I hope I’m wrong about that.

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    1. Unfortunately, you are not wrong about selfishness, Steve. I always think we’re in a tribal sociopathic groove. We seem to only care about ourselves and our closest family and friends. I do hope that like most periods in time, it will swing to a more caring society. I guess, if we are able to help or even teach one person, that has to be enough…

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  2. I’m a Boomer and can relate to what you wrote here. I really enjoyed it, Clarissa. It reminded me of my time spent in a commune during most of the 70s and I didn’t have a clue as to what anyone else’s political beliefs were…now that was freedom!


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