Troubadour in dark room
Singing and strumming
“Go away from my window…”
Thinks he can tell me
What I need
Coffee grinding ten steps away
Strings strangling a heart
Fibrillating to future rejections
“It ain’t me, babe” soaring through
The smoky room
Zinging in, trying to make me cry
With his lying eyes
So why’d he pursue me
Take me to his room and
Almost ruin me
Thinks he can croon
By the light of the
Me nervously twirling my spoon
Roiling the brew
To read a few escaped coffee grounds
What is my future
Another tall, dark stranger
I’ll love and lose?
Caffeine finally affects
The saddened brain
Venomously I think
He’s not even a quarter good as Dylan
Can’t help wondering, though
When I’ll be an adult
So to all you young girls,
Yeah, not really women
We’re fragile little girls
When it comes to secret chambers
Of the heart
Here to tell you
Lived despite the pain
But can’t say
I ever used the label
For the very sensitive
Adulthood is merely in the
Eyes of children
And the memory comes through
When I’ve sipped a few
Double-shot espressos…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: kava3


  1. Very real and very atmospheric, Clarissa, and an eloquent description of a confusing time of life. You brought a memory back, thank you: performing in a church hall, tables and coffee, me playing and a singer called Lyn. Before we went on, a Dylan clone did his stuff, dressed the part, jeans and leather jacket and boots. That’s all that left an impression.

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    1. Love the idea of the collective unconscious regarding music. We always have those usually wonderful but sometimes sad memories associated with the strings and keys of beloved music. Thanks, Steve!

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