Haunted by youthful dreams
Too late to reinvent myself
Island metaphor strongest
Easier to be alone

There was Java
Circumscribing a mineral world
Of left-over lava
Decorating via fatal eruptions
Merapi volcano cosmology
Of fire-breathing dragons
Would I exist on a moon-like world

There was Fiji
Divided by time
Could stand there with one foot in today
And one in tomorrow
Or is it yesterday
Where the international dateline
Bisects the 180th meridian

Pieces of land
Floating in oceans
A fish net
A water purification kit
A lifetime supply of Vitamin C
It could have been easy
Sand or dirt a magic slate
Whatever written washed away
By tidal spray

There were other islands
Of song and book
But now that I look back
It is clear that the island experience
Was lived as I moved through droves of
Endless people
Smiled. laughed, talked
But they all must have been
Particles of colorful matter
Because I, the deportee
Now see
That the island is me…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: posted on YouTube by Placers, Merapi Volcano


    1. Oh, first I must apologize, Drew, for not seeing this until today! What a wet summer it’s been, mushing my brain. Thank you so much for this comment!


  1. You’ve expressed it all so very eloquently, Clarissa. Islands: my finding was that the dream was rarely real, only for tourists, and when the dream was temporarily real, it was because of who was with me.

    Song and book, everything we do. Are they all diversions ,and solitude is our essence? A thought-provoking piece. Maybe we need the reverse argument (please excuse Donne, 17th century England and me abbreviating ๐Ÿ™‚). No man is an island/entire of itself./Every man is a part of the main./If a clod be washed away by the sea,/Europe is the less./Therefore send not to know for whom the bell tolls;/it tolls for thee.

    I hope we are all connected.

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    1. Steve, thank you! I must apologize for not seeing this comment even though it’s been a month. I think the rain and storms have made my brain moldier than usual! I am so thrilled you quoted Donne because I was thinking of the poem (and song) when I wrote this. I do agree, we are all part of the main and also hope we are all connected! Just one of those wah-wah poor me days when I wrote it ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. My pleasure, Clarissa. Nothing to apologise about: I’m doing a catch up on comments from many weeks ago right now.

        Fascinating that you were thinking of the Donne work when you were writing. Maybe there is more to poetry than we know โ€”are there subconscious threads in there that are communicated and we don’t even realise it?

        Speaking from experience, nothing wrong with the odd “poor me” day (the ups and downs) better to go with it and feel it, I say. It is being human.


  2. Yes subconscious poetry threads, Steve, but enhanced by music. When in elementary school we had a weekly assembly where we sang songs. One was the adaptation of Donne’s poem (although couldn’t have told you who he was at age 10). The metaphor always impressed me. Thanks so much for your comments that always stretch my mind to other corners of the thought processes I never seem to have the time to visit but glad when I do!


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