BEYOND THE MUSE (Autumn Equinox)

Ancient Muses
Paired for every
Art and Science
I prefer to see
A hovering shadow
Like the tarot’s
The Poet and her Lover
The Muse of Ideas
While above the deuce
An Angel of Wisdom
That some call Athena
Roiling clouds of creation
Inspiring one line
Enabling the poet’s thoughts
To morph from beauty
Or humor
Or memory
Encouraging the poet’s soul
To share wise words
A secret of life
A reverberation
Through the ages
Longingly I wait
For the rare perception
To align the poem into
Perfect harmony
Celestial equator
Intersecting the ecliptic
Possible on this day
Of Equinoxing …

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: The Lovers, Pamela Colman Smith


    1. Oh, no, Drew! You’re a great writer! I think you’re like many of us, much too self-critical. Of all the arts, writing is the most difficult to gauge. Painters, photographers, musicians, get instant feedback from audiences. We writers, unfortunately, although we write from the heart, are really speaking from the brain. It requires our audience to use theirs and that is not always easy. It takes time and lots of re-reading in order to understand words as opposed to art and music. So please don’t misjudge your work. It is excellent. And if you submit your work and get rejected, I can state that 99% of us writers on WordPress have had a pile of rejections also. Don’t ever give up…


      1. Oh, I have my pile of rejections as well. I understand the process. And yes I am so critical of myself. I must learn to curb that. Thank you for this little talk. Trust me, I needed to receive this message. Perfect timing. Thank you.

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